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What sets The Ricky Rod Law Group apart from other firms in our area is our extensive track record. Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez served as a District Court Judge for seven years and he was the elected Criminal District Attorney for Hidalgo County for eight years. In these positions, he fought to uphold the law and took measures to see that defendants always got a fair trial. In addition, he worked to establish several rehabilitation programs that aimed to prevent repeat offenses from individuals who had been convicted of drug crimes or driving while intoxicated (DWI). 

For Attorney Rodriguez, helping clients is not just a job – it’s a calling and a passion. Coming from humble beginnings himself as the child of teenage parents and migrant workers, he has seen firsthand how hard work and dedication can lead to success, and how everyone deserves a second chance. Attorney Rodriguez leverages his success for the benefit of his clients, working hard to ensure they have the advocacy and representation they need when facing some of the darkest moments of their lives. When you seek the help of The Ricky Rod Law Group for your defense, you get an attorney with a deep understanding of the law and proven commitment to helping people. 

Local Support and Resources in Edinburg, Texas

Living in Edinburg, Texas, means being part of a vibrant community with unique challenges and opportunities. At The Ricky Rod Law Group, we understand the specific needs of our residents. Whether you're dealing with a criminal charge or seeking legal advice, our team is here to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system in Hidalgo County.

We are well-acquainted with local government entities such as the Edinburg Municipal Court and the Hidalgo County Courthouse. These institutions play a crucial role in the legal processes that affect our clients. While we do not claim direct partnerships, our familiarity with these entities allows us to provide informed and effective representation.

One of the common issues faced by residents in Edinburg and the broader South Texas area is the prevalence of drug-related offenses and DWI charges. These can have severe consequences, including losing driving privileges, hefty fines, and even jail time. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand your rights and options, working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

We also recognize the importance of community resources in supporting our clients. Programs like the Hidalgo County Adult Probation Department and local rehabilitation centers offer valuable services that can aid in recovery and reduce the likelihood of reoffending. By leveraging these resources, we aim to provide a comprehensive defense strategy that addresses your case's legal and personal aspects.

Choosing The Ricky Rod Law Group means choosing a team that truly knows Edinburg and is committed to serving its residents. We are here to stand by your side, offering the guidance and support you need during challenging times.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What experience does Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez bring to criminal defense in Edinburg?

Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez brings a wealth of experience to criminal defense in Edinburg, having served as a District Court Judge for seven years and as the elected Criminal District Attorney for Hidalgo County for eight years. His background in upholding the law and ensuring fair trials, along with his efforts in establishing rehabilitation programs, equips him with a unique perspective and deep understanding of the legal system to advocate effectively for his clients.

How does The Ricky Rod Law Group support individuals facing criminal charges in South Texas?

The Ricky Rod Law Group supports individuals facing criminal charges in South Texas by providing passionate and dedicated legal representation. Attorney Rodriguez's personal journey from humble beginnings instills in him a strong belief in second chances and the importance of hard work. This drives him to fight tirelessly for his clients, ensuring they receive the advocacy and representation necessary during challenging times.

Why should I choose The Ricky Rod Law Group for my criminal defense needs in Edinburg?

Choosing The Ricky Rod Law Group for your criminal defense needs in Edinburg means securing representation from a team with a proven track record and a deep commitment to justice. With Attorney Rodriguez's extensive experience in the legal system and his personal dedication to helping clients, you can be confident that your case will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Can The Ricky Rod Law Group assist with rehabilitation program placement for drug or DWI offenses in Hidalgo County?

Yes, The Ricky Rod Law Group can assist with rehabilitation program placement for drug or DWI offenses in Hidalgo County. Attorney Rodriguez's experience in establishing rehabilitation programs demonstrates his commitment to not just legal defense but also to the long-term well-being of his clients, aiming to prevent repeat offenses and support their journey to rehabilitation.

What to Do if You Are Facing Criminal Charges

Facing any kind of criminal charges can be stressful. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, there are a few important steps to take: 

  1. Know you have the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment. At any time during your arrest or before you have been charged, you may invoke this right. Doing so can help you avoid saying anything the prosecution could later use against you. 
  2. Even if you know you are innocent, you should not resist arrest. If you do, it could cause issues with your case and even lead to additional charges. 
  3. It could be crucial to document your arrest. 
  4. Do not speak about your case, except with a lawyer. 
  5. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as you are able. A lawyer can provide you with counsel on what to do or say in crucial moments, and advocate on your behalf inside and outside of court. 

Local Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Fight for Your Rights

At our firm, we believe that every defendant deserves to make their case to a judge or jury and have a fair trial. Unfortunately, police officers, prosecuting teams, and others involved in cases frequently violate the rights of defendants. 

To see that this does not happen to you, our Edinburg criminal defense attorneys will:

  • Aggressively advocate for your rights 
  • Speak on your behalf or provide you with counsel on what to say during an interview or testimony
  • Call out and attempt to rectify violations of your rights during these same interviews and testimonies
  • Determine whether officers lawfully arrested you
  • Identify any infringements on your rights while you were in police custody
  • Work to ensure the prosecuting team adheres to the rule of law while making their case

The Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

For felony and misdemeanor crimes, the consequences of a conviction can significantly affect your life. Many convictions in Texas require individuals to serve jail time and pay hefty fines. Repeat offenses or those committed in conjunction with other crimes can amplify these consequences.

The effects of a conviction go beyond jail sentences and fines. Having a felony on your criminal record can prevent you from getting certain jobs or negatively impact a rental application. Individuals with a felony are also barred from voting or owning a gun. 

When you hire The Ricky Rod Law Group to defend you, we will do all that we can to reduce your charges or have them dropped altogether. We can also expunge your arrest from coming up if your criminal charges have been dismissed or found not guilty. Schedule a free consultation with us today so that we can begin collecting and examining evidence and developing a defense strategy that is tailored to what you need. 

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  • Over 2 Decades of Practicing Law

    Our attorneys have been practicing law for over 25 years. Our attorneys have worked on extensive criminal, civil, and federal cases.

  • Served as a District Court Judge for Over Six Years

    Attorney Rodriguez served as the 92nd District Court Judge in Hidalgo County, making decisions daily on cases of personal injury, wrongful death, property, marriages, children and divorces. This experience gives him a invaluable and unique perspective.

  • Former Hidalgo Criminal District Attorney
    Attorney Rodriguez implemented many courts and diversion programs during his time as Criminal District Attorney, such as First Time DWI Offenders Pre-Trial, Family Violence Court, Misdemeanor DWI Court, Veteran’s Court (pre-disposition), Mental Health Court and Misdemeanor Drug Court.

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